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Healing Through Words

Healing Through Words

Rupi Kaur welcomes you into her world of writing and creativity through her fourth book, Healing Through Words. This collection of her curated guided writing exercises encourages you to explore themes of trauma, loss, heartache, love, healing, and celebration of the self. It is the creativity tool for everyone. Pick up a pen. Reflect. And let your thoughts wander.

- Dimensions: 7” x 9”
- Page Count: 320 pages with over 65 exercises
- Hardcover book with a buckram texture and cloth spine
- Smyth sewn (a method of book binding where groups of folded pages (signatures) are stitched together using binder thread)
- Printed on FSC certified paper

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a look inside...

  • chapter name
  • exercise number and name
  • suggested time to complete an exercise
  • space to write and draw
  • written instructions
  • illustrative elements
  • guidelines

what to expect...

  • a journey of self-exploration through guided writing exercises designed by a #1 new york times best selling author, Rupi Kaur
  • filled with over 65 exercises that explore the themes of trauma, loss, heartache, love, healing, and celebration of the self
  • an invitation to be vulnerable, connect with yourself, and create art
  • a tool for everyone that inspires creativity

your journey with Healing Through Words

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Felicia B. 09/10/2022
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of this book from one of the giveaways! I will definitely be adding ‘Healing Through Words’ to my daily routine. I love writing and use it to help me process my experiences and thoughts, I will definitely be buying this for all my friends for the holidays!
Jennifer H. 09/14/2022
I saw Rupi perform this year during her World Tour and it was amazingggg. I left her show feeling so inspired and when my copy of ‘Healing Through Words’ came in the mail, it was perfect timing. The book is so beautiful. I just started writing in it and I just got lost in it. I hope I can publish a book of my own some day with this! <3 <3 <3
Sahar H. 09/22/2022
I’ve been following Rupi since her ‘milk and honey’ days and I am in constant awe of her writing and art. I’m so glad she came out with this new book where she shares all her writing tips because I’ve been looking for something to inspire and spark my own writing and this is it!!!!!
Teresa C. 09/27/2022
I just went through a break up after 6 years and this book couldn’t have arrived at more of a perfect time. I started in the ‘Breaking’ section and it’s been helping me get through this tough time… but I’m glad I have Rupi to help me <3.
Nina L. 09/28/2022
I pre-ordered this when Rupi first announced it and it finally arrived!!! It’s so much bigger than I expected and there’s so much space to write. I’ve started using it this evening and it felt like such an emotional release. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this!!
Tobias C. 09/27/2022
I bought this for my girlfriend because she’s a big Rupi fan and she loved it! Highly recommend buying it as a gift!!
Rian L. 09/30/2022
The thought and intention behind the wriitng exercises in this book Rupi curated is so refreshing. It really made me think of writing, differently. It guided me to answers about myself I didn’t even know I was looking for, I deeply needed.
Tanushree M. 09/28/2022
It’s filled with so many ways to express yourself from freewriting, to lists, to illustrations - it’s all there!! There’s also so much space to create! My favourite is the little notes, poems, and stories Rupi provides throughout - you really get a peek into her world.
Sian K. 09/30/2022
Rupi is not only a writer, but an amazing teacher. It’s rare to have someone with the talent but also, the intellectual capability to guide. It really solidified my respect for her and her craft - you can tell she really gave it her all.